Attend the 32nd MA SPRING RING

We hope you will register and join fellow ringers from all over Massachusetts and surrounding states for a day of Massed ringing under the direction of clinician Jane Nolan, Director of the Shoreline Ringers of southeastern Connecticut.  Jane has chosen an interesting repertoire that should appeal to choirs and ringers of all skill levels. Participating groups may register as either Tins or Coppers choirs. Each group will be free to decide which pieces they would like to ring.

Tins:       Aria – Derek Hakes MGOM6122, L3 (not really), 3-5 octaves handbells, 3 octaves hand chimes with flute (part included)

Coppers: Fanfare Jubilee – Jason Krug MRRBL5075, L2+, 3-7 octaves handbells, 3-7 octaves hand chimes

               Capriccio No. 2 – Michael Helman MCGB706, L3, 3-7 octaves handbells, 3-6 octaves hand chimes

Massed:  Allegro Spiritoso (Holy Spirit, Wind & Flame) by Greg Underwood, L3, MAG23028–2-3 octaves, MAG35261—3-5 octaves


Choirs are invited to provide a solo selection for the final concert. Spots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Selections will be limited to 5 minutes, including set up. Please note that solos will be assigned by the date of receipt of the registration form, and last minute additions will only be permitted as space in the program allows.


Registration Fee: $9.00 for ringer or director

Contacts: Lynn Masson, MSR Committee, 978-486-8816,; Susan Schultz, Registrar, 978-273-2226,

Click here for registration