The Area 1 Board would like to announce the posting of the job description of the Area 1 Communications Director position. This volunteer will be empowered to rethink the way we communicate with our members and lead a team to revitalize our communication mediums. That last part is important: this person will not be alone in their mission. They will have the support of our webmaster, newsletter editor, those active on social media, and others both in Area 1, other Areas throughout the country, and those on the National board who want to make a positive impact on our art form.

All of the incredible hard work that the leaders, directors, and educators put into festivals, workshops, concerts, and member resources will be for naught if the musicians in our communities are unaware. And while we have many ways that we try to reach out, the reality is that we could be doing so much more, which is why the Board is now looking for someone with a passion for great communication to join us to help get the word out about all the amazing things happening in Area 1.

So maybe you just graduated with degree in communications or marketing and are looking to get some real-world experience? Maybe you just retired and are looking to try something new? Or maybe you just love bells and have lots of great ideas for how Area 1 can better serve the musicians in your community? Whatever the case may be, we want to hear from you! So this is our call to action: please visit our website or reach out to the Chair (Krishna Ersson <>) to learn more about how you or someone you know can help.

PDF-Job Description: Area 1 Communications Director