Fall Skill Building Workshops

2018 Skill Building workshops are over. 

Come back later for information regarding workshops in 2019.

FREE for all member directors and/or their ringers

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify and mark necessary changes of bells, techniques, dynamics, etc., within the workshop music
  • How to properly execute the various techniques required in the music, and how to move from executing those techniques in isolation to successfully preparing for and playing them within the music
  • How to put it all together and, by the conclusion of the workshop, play the music from beginning to end at a moderate skill level

Multiple sessions in October and November:  choose a date that works for you
Sessions throughout New England:  less travel!
Small class size:  get the personal attention you need


Saturday, October 13:
St Joseph Church, Bristol, CT
Clinician:  Jean Degan
St Luke’s Episcopal, E.Greenwich, RI
Clinician:  Lawrence Berdensey

Saturday, October 20:
St David’s Episcopal, Gales Ferry CT
Clinician:  Jane Nolan
Faith Lutheran Church, Andover, MA
Clinician: Sue Chamberlin

Saturday, October 27:
Spring Glen Church, Hamden, CT
Clinician:  Jane Nolan
First Parish Church, Augusta, ME
Clinicians: Sue Evans & Amy Rollins

Saturday, November 3:
Foreside Community, Falmouth, ME
Clinician:  Sue Chamberlin
South Congregational, Concord, NH
Clinician:  Carlene Ruesenberg

All dates – 8:30 AM check-in
Workshop 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Music for Workshop

The music for this workshop is the Massed Ringing repertoire for Area 1 Festival/Conference 2019.  You will get the most out of this workshop if you purchase your music ahead of time and look at it before you come to the workshop.  Note: some of this music has been used previously at Area 1 events, and you may already have it in your bell choir library.

If you do not bring your own music to the workshop, we will have music available for you to use, but you might need to share with your neighbor and you will not be able to write on it unless you choose to purchase the music that day.

Workshop Fee

FREE for all members of the Handbell Musicians of America (You will need your membership number, or the membership number of your director or organization.)

Non-Members: $95  includes a one year membership in Handbell Musicians of America, and allows you to register your whole choir for this one fee.


Sue Chamberlin
Handbell Musicians of America, Area 1