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Bronze Orphan Info

The Bronze division is composed of advanced ringers and is typically the smallest ringing division. Cathy Moklebust will be directing this division which is represented by ringers with many years of experience, extended sets of bells and chimes, and a desire to ring bronze-level music, which is rated by Handbell Musicians of America as levels 4-6.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure a positive experience for all choirs in the Bronze division at FC19 by confirming that all Bronze choirs and individuals share the same desire and ability to achieve the level of musicianship required by the repertoire and the director.


The process for FC19 is BRAND NEW, and we hope you are as excited by the changes as we are. Please send any questions you have to

The first change to the audition requirements is: We recognize that ensembles work very hard to maintain their level of musicianship over the course of their existence, and we believe that if you were good enough in 2017, we trust that you will maintain the same level of preparedness as before.


All ensembles wishing to be a part of the FC19 Bronze Division Fill out the Intent to Submit form located at: any time before midnight, January 15, 2019.


Choirs that attended Festival/Conference 2017 in the Bronze Division will not need to re-audition, unless:

Your ensemble has a new director since Festival/Conference 2017 OR
50% or more of your ensemble has turned over OR
The Festival/Conference 2017 Clinician recommended that you re-audition


In order to continue the high level of musicianship while fostering the learning environment that Area 1 is known for, the following criteria for Bronze division choirs will be applied:

  1. Each Bronze Ensemble needing to audition must submit a YouTube video of two songs.
    1. It is preferable to submit at least one piece from the FC19 Bronze repertoire, although not required.
    2. Audition pieces that are not FC19 repertoire must be Level 4+ or higher.
  2. The recording can be either a rehearsal or a performance, but should be of the highest available audio and video quality.
    1. The recording shall contain both sound and images in which the choir and director are clearly visible. If multiple cameras are not available, the videographer should position the camera to capture both the choir and director at the same time. Different camera angles for each piece are recommended.
    2. Submitted video will be reviewed by an impartial anonymous committee that will evaluate the performance based on the rubric below. You may wish to review and discuss this rubric with your choir before recording and submitting your audition video.
  3. The ringers on the recording MUST include all of the ringers who will be registered for FC19, and MAY include substitute ringers. When you submit your video, please indicate any substitute ringers featured in the video who will NOT be attending FC19.
  4. Substitute ringers or orphan ringers ARE permitted in this application process and at the Festival. Any ringer not in the video who is planning to attend FC19 should submit an application to be a Bronze Orphan. They can request to be assigned to your ensemble.
  5. Audition videos must be uploaded to YouTube. (More information regarding uploading to YouTube will be available online at Videos should be uploaded as soon as you are prepared, but no later than January 15, 2019.
  6. All choirs and directors will receive emailed feedback from the committee chair no later than January 31, 2019. Content will include an overall performance evaluation along with the score breakdown of each rubric category.
  7. The lowest score is 4; the highest is 16. A choir must score a minimum of 12 to be recommended for the Bronze division.
  8. Should the reviewing committee deem that the submitting choir is not prepared to participate in the Bronze division, the choir may:
    1. Choose to ring in the Coppers division.
    2. Be asked to work on specific issues with an Area 1 mentor, and then submit a new video within 4 weeks of notification.


Complete and submit an on-line Bronze Orphan Application at

AND (do one of the following):

  1. If you have attended Distinctly Bronze or similar event (Virtuoso, Bay View, etc.) you may submit a copy of the letter of evaluation you received from your most recent conference to
  2. Contact two references that have observed you ringing within the past year and ask them to complete the on-line First-time Attendee Recommendation at

Please note that no applications will be considered until ALL OF THE ABOVE FORMS & RECOMMENDATIONS are received by the bronze orphan coordinator.

Bronze Division Audition Rubric

Points Musicianship Tempo Contact Assignments
4 Pitch, rhythm, dynamics and
expression are all
correct throughout both
The repertoire is
performed at the tempo
marking indicated by the
The choir and the conductor
have a high degree of
contact. The choir is
responsive to the
conductor’s gestures with
the intended musical results.
All ringers are playing
bell assignments that
enable musical success.
3 Some errors are present in
pitch, rhythm, dynamics and
expression. Only a few
ringers make errors.
The repertoire is
performed at a slightly
different tempo marking
than indicated by the
The choir & conductor have
a moderate amount of
contact. The choir is
somewhat responsive to the
conductor’s gestures.
Most ringers are playing
bell assignments that
enable musical success.
2 Many errors are present in
pitch, rhythm, dynamics and
expression. Several ringers
make errors.
The repertoire is
performed at a
substantially different
tempo marking than
indicated by the
The choir seldom responds
to the conductor’s gestures.
Several ringers are
playing inappropriate
bell assignments and
appear unable to resolve
some passages.
1 Errors in pitch, rhythm,
dynamics and expression are
pervasive in the presentation.
The repertoire is
performed with no
regard to the tempo
markings indicated by
the composer.
The choir never responds to
the conductor’s gestures.
The assignment of bells
impedes a successful and
musical performance