What is SnagASub?

SnagASub is an online bulletin board for getting a substitute ringer. Send a single email to, and the request will go to the whole group.

Click here to go to the SnagASub Google Group.

Why should I join?

SnagASub needs you! At this time the pool of potential subs has grown more than 80 ringers and directors, but in order to serve it’s purpose, (since it covers a five-state area), it needs to be bigger!

Please spread the word. This is not just for directors and ringers who sometimes have a need for a sub, but is also for interested/brave persons who might love an opportunity to ring more and to get to know other ringers.

How do I join?

Please contact Steve Mazeau at, or Gail Granum, at, to get your invite. Include your name, email, and (optional) cell. If you belong to a bell choir, also include your bell choir’s name, affiliation, and address.