Chime Loan Program

Application Directions

1.  Download and print the form

Please click here to download the paper form

2.  Fill it out and send the form with…

  1. Your signature and your principal’s signature
  2. A copy of your resume
  3. A letter of personal recommendation from your principal or other administrator  (Fine Arts Director, Music Curriculum Coordinator.)

3.  To….

Jennifer Stack
6 Amelia Drive
North Chelmsford, MA 01863

4.  By Deadline:  June 30.

5.  Questions?

Contact the Chime Loaner chair

Jennifer Stack
by email ([email protected])
or phone at 617-276-4263

Program Information

The Area I Education Committee, under the supervision of the Area I Board of Handbell Musicians of America, wishes to strongly encourage schools and other educational institutions to develop music education programs using handchimes or handbells. To support the development of such programs, Handbell Musicians of America Area I, is offering a loan program to schools in its six state and two province jurisdictions, namely Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. The specifics of this program are listed below.

Responsibility of Area I

  1. Provide a three octave (37 note) set of handchimes.
  2. Provide a complete set of teaching materials including the following:
    1. 1 copy of Teaching Young Ringers by Carolynne Mathis
      1 copy of Musical Elements, A classroom Method for Handchimes by Kenneth Liske
    2. 1 copy of Ring, Dance, Play by Griff Gall and Paul Weller
    3. 1 copy of From Voice to Hand by Sandra Eithum
    4. 1 copy of Tunes that Teach by Martha Lynn Thompson
    5. 1 copy of Multicultural Tunes that Teach by Martha Lynn Thompson
  3. If the recipient or organization purchases a full one-year membership in Handbell Musicians of America for the year of the loan, Area 1 will offer to pay for the second year of membership.  Go to for membership information.
  4. Provide a support network of trained, experienced mentors who are ringers/directors to assist in the development of a beginning-ringing program.

Responsibility of the Educational Institution

  1. Include the handchime program as part of the regular schedule, with the same group(s) of students being involved for the whole semester (quarter, trimester.)
  2. Replace teaching materials damaged beyond usefulness as determined by the Area I Board or its representative.
  3. Pay the postage and/or shipping fees for the return of the handchimes and teaching materials to the Area I representative without delay upon completion of the agreed time.
  4. The borrowing institution is responsible for returning the three octaves of chimes to Handbell Musicians of America Area 1 at the end of the loan period in the condition in which they were received. The borrowing institution will be responsible replacement cost of chimes lost or damaged during the period of the loan.
Package 1: first two octaves of handchimes
Total weight: 27 pounds Replacement Cost:
Package 2: third octave add on
set of handchimes
 Total weight: 22 pounds  Replacement Cost: $855.00
Package 3: teaching materials  Replacement Cost: $240.00

Responsibility of the Music Teacher

  1. Implement the handchime program as part of the total music experience for the class(es).
  2. Make full use of the mentor provided by Area I in order to learn about the use of chimes.
  3. Present the handchimes to the student body, parents and administration during at least one concert in the loan period.
  4. Begin the necessary planning (such as fund-raising and scheduling issues) to continue the handchime program following the loan period.
  5. Attend at least one local/regional Area I festival, conference, workshop or seminar.
  6. Write a detailed, reflective, final report as described below.

Copyright Restrictions

  1. The teaching materials provided through this loan are not for sale to the applicant and must be returned to Area I in good condition.
  2. Photocopying or reproduction by any mechanical means of the materials provided without prior approval of the copyright holder and Area I is strictly forbidden. Such duplication will result in the immediate cancellation of the loan and will require the immediate return of the handchimes and teaching materials.

*Format and content for the Area 1, AGEHR, Inc. Handchime Loan Program was developed with permission from the Area V Chime Grant Project, the Area VII handbell Grant Project, edited by Dayna Lee Drake, chair, Committee for Handbells and Handchimes in Music Education (CHIME) and the Area 1 Loan Committee.