Current Board Members

The Area 1 board members are here to provide organization and direction to advance the musical art of handbell/handchime ringing through education, community, and communication. If you have any Area 1 business, ideas for festivals or workshops or questions about handbells in general we are happy to help in any way we can.  The board members are listed below for ease of contact.  For business related to your state, feel free to contact your state chair.

Executive Committee (Elected Positions)

Picture of Diane , Lisa, Carlene, Matt

Diane , Lisa, Carlene, Matt

Chair Lisa Arnold
Chair-Elect Joy Toll-Chandler
Past Chair Carlene Ruesenberg
Secretary Diane Burke
Treasurer Matthew Sczurek

Appointed Officers

Connecticut State Chair Gina Williams
Maine State Chair Dana Humphreys
Massachusetts State Chair Abby Schoppe
New Hampshire State Chair Hilary Justice / Heidi Prior (Co-Chairs)
Rhode Island State Chair Donna Horan
Vermont State Chair Pat Pranger
Membership Chair
Workshop Coordinator
Emlee Kohler
Education Liaison Kristen Russo

Standing Committee Chairs + Ex-Officio Positions

Festival/Conference 2021 Chair* Carlene Reusenberg
Chime Loaner Program* Jennifer Stack
Communications Director* Amy Rollins
Newsletter Editor* Donna Horan
Historian/Archivist* Susan Schultz
Registrar* Susan Schultz
Scholarships* Jean Degan
Webmaster* Peter Larson

Asterisk (*) indicates that this position is not a voting member of the board of directors. Per by-laws, these positions report to the chair elect, and must be members of the Handbell Musicians of America.