WHEN: Saturday, August 12, 9 AM-1 PM

WHERE: Faith Lutheran Church, 360 S. Main Street, Andover, MA

CLINICIAN: Griff Gall, artistic director of the Back Bay Ringers

FEE: $25


  • Introducing new musicians to a handbell ensemble
  • How to set up a standard ensemble: review standards like bass-treble placement (set up from the handbell musicians POV, not the director), standard assignments, basic equipment etc.
  • Basic ringing techniques, including how to teach the basic ringing technique, reviewing the standard notation guide, and exploring how to musically perform basic stopped techniques, etc.
  • Introducing rhythmic reading to new musicians
  • Repertoire selection (explaining the level system, thinking about eighth-note pattern difficulty and how to prepare and practice more challenging rhythms, original compositions and how they can be incorporated into sacred spaces etc.)
  • Developing musical habits and empowering new musicians to think about musical concepts like melody vs accompaniment, phrasing, dynamics etc.

REGISTRATION: https://www.cognitoforms.com/BackBayRingers1/BackBayRingersDirectorsWorkshop