Calling all Bronze (or Bronze-aspiring) Ringers!

Once again, Area 1 is inviting Bronze-level ringers who don’t have a Bronze-level group to ring with to join our Bronze Orphan Choir. If you or someone you know would like to apply to attend FC23 as a Bronze Orphan, please have them follow these steps as soon as possible, preferably before the Early Bird Deadline:

1. Complete and submit an on-line Bronze Orphan Application.

AND one of the following

2a. If you attended Festival Conference as an Orphan in 2022, you automatically qualify for FC2023


2b. If you have recently attended Distinctly Bronze or a similar event (Virtuoso, Bay View, etc.) you may submit your something that confirms your attendance at the most recent event to Susie Amos at [email protected].


2c. Contact two references (ringers or directors) that have observed you ringing within the past year and ask them to complete the on-line First-time Attendee Recommendation.

NOTE:  We encourage all Bronze Orphans to apply, Pre-register, and submit their $125 deposit before January 31, 2023. Those who pre-register prior to the Early Bird deadline will get their first choice of assignments. Please note that your applications can not be considered until ALL OF THE ABOVE FORMS & RECOMMENDATIONS are received by the bronze orphan coordinator and you will not be able to register for classes and housing until approved by the coordinator.