Festival/Conference 2019 Registration

Festival/Conference is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America, Area 1 for the benefit of the members of the Handbell Musicians of America and the members of the ensembles that they direct. Online registration to attend Festival/Conference 2019 will be made available on this website for each individual attendee. The Attendee Registration will open on Saturday, March 16, 2019. See the link to the left for more information.

Members of the Handbell Musicians of America must pre-register their groups below to obtain a Group Registration Number that will be used by their ensemble members to register later as individual attendees. Partial groups and “Orphan” ringers attending without a group are welcome, and should pre-register for a Group Registration Number as well. Individuals that are planning on applying as “Bronze Orphans” should review the instructions and requirements provided here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to insurance requirements, the University of Hartford will be providing all tables for the massed ringing floor. Therefore table rental is mandatory, but will be included at no additional charge. Be prepared to specify below the total linear feet of tables needed for your group.