The Bradford Scholarship Choir Application

 The Bradford Scholarship Choir Application

What is the Bradford Scholarship?

Handbell Musicians of America Area 1 established the Elizabeth Bradford Endowment Fund to provide scholarship assistance to encourage choirs to attend their first Area 1 Festival/Conference. In non-Festival years, we also grant scholarships to directors to encourage them to attend their first national educational event. We hope that attending these types of events helps ringers and directors to develop their handbell skills and helps them to become more active in the guild. Only the income from the endowment is used for scholarships, but this is enough to provide partial registration assistance for several choirs/directors each year.

Who is eligible for the Bradford Scholarship?

Choir Scholarships for Area 1 Festival/Conference are available to Area 1 handbell choirs who are attending their first Area 1 Festival/Conference.

How is the Bradford Scholarship Awarded?

Please be aware that the scholarship awarded will only pay a portion of the registration fee for Festival.
1. A choir will be defined as a performing group of 7 or more ringers.
2. Preference will be given to those choirs having at least 75% of their members planning to attend the Festival/Conference.
3. Prior attendance by a director or a single member of a choir will not preclude eligibility for this scholarship.
4. The choir must be a member in good standing in Area 1.
5. You must fill out a registration form for Festival in its entirety and pay a $100 deposit per person prior to the Festival’s early bird deadline.

Awards will be distributed on a per ringer basis. For example, if you receive an award of $100 per person and you have 10 people attending, then you will receive $1000 off your registration fee. If any of your ringers withdraws their registration, your total scholarship will be reduced by the amount for one ringer unless another ringer takes their place.

Applications for scholarship should be sent to the address indicated below. Your separate Festival registration should still be sent to the Festival registrar. You must fill out the entire Festival registration form prior to the Early Bird deadline for all ringers who plan on attending, indicating on the form that you are applying for a scholarship and sending in a deposit of $100 per person instead of the entire registration fee. After you have been notified about our scholarship decision you will be expected to pay any remaining balance of your registration fees.

HMA Bradford Scholarship for Choirs Application

You may submit the form by email to

[email protected]

Or you may print, fill out, and mail to the scholarship committee chairperson:

Jean Degan
32 Henderson St
Bristol, CT 06010

DEADLINE: Festival/Conference scholarship applications must be postmarked no later than 60 days prior to the early bird deadline.  You will be notified of our decision by April 15, 2019.

For questions please contact the scholarship chair.