The Bradford Scholarship Directors Application

The Bradford Scholarship Directors Application

What is the Scholarship?

HMA, Area 1, Inc. established the Elizabeth Bradford Endowment Fund in order to grant scholarship assistance to Directors, during non Festival/Conference years, to encourage them to attend their first HMA National or Area 1 educational event. It is our goal to provide Directors the opportunity to further develop their handbell directing skills through attendance at such an event and as a result they will be encouraged to become more active in the Guild. Only the income from the endowment is used for scholarships, but this is enough to provide partial registration assistance for several directors each time the scholarships are available.

Who is Eligible? 

All Directors who are members of HMA, Area 1, Inc. are eligible, except for the members of the Scholarship Committee.

How much is the Scholarship?

Please be aware that the scholarship will only pay a portion of the registration fee for the event.

How do I apply? 

Print and fill out an application and send it to the Scholarship Committee Chair, postmarked no later than 60 days prior to the early bird deadline for the event.  (Apologies for the Snail mail requirement.  We are working on creating a web-based application.)

Director’s Scholarship Application: Area 1

You may email it to the scholarship chair:

[email protected]